14452 Hwy. 105 W.    936-588-1055

Exterior only


$8 Wash

Hand prep front and back of car, soapy wash with turbo dry.

$10 Wash

+ Wheel cleaner, wheel brightener and wheel blaster.

$12 Wash

+ Foam polish,sealer & air fresh

$17 Wash

Adds hand wash wheels, hand dry exterior + hand applied tire shine.

Washes include FREE self serve vacuum and microfiber towel use.

full service


state vehicle



Safety and Emission on Gas Vehicles

Includes FREE exterior car wash.


Safety only on Motorcycle,

Trailer or Diesel vehicles. 

Inspections by

appointment only


-no appointments by phone-

$25 Wash 

We vacuum, wipe all interior plastic, clean windows, wash exterior including wheels and apply dressing to tires. 

$40 Wash 

Adds compressed air for hard reach interior areas, pressure wash rubber or plastic floor mats, dressing on interior and exterior plastic.

Add $5 for with 3rd row seating.

Add $15 for Hand Wash

Kwik kar 


$20 Each 

-Express Wax

-Clean Leather Seats*

-Condition Leather Seats*

​-Wheel Detail


$40 Each

-Hand Wax

-Shampoo Carpets*

-Shampoo Seats*

-Headlight Restoration

*Add $20 for with 3rd row seating.

Add $10 for large vehicle Wax

Express Detail


Mon-Fri 8-5          SaT 9-4

Sunday Exterior only 9-4